Cleveland Dental Adds New Service for Uninsured

If you don’t currently have dental insurance – or – if your employer is considering dropping your dental coverage, then we have great news!

We now have an easy solution just for you.

We now have our own in-house patient membership club that provides all the rewards of dental insurance without the headaches. Every family member can join too.

For a small monthly membership fee, you’ll receive complimentary:

  • Bi-annual dental cleanings

  • Doctor exams

  • All scheduled x-rays

  • PLUS a special Member’s Only Discount on any needed treatment, including cosmetic services!

Even better, because our patient membership club is not insurance, there are:

  • No deductibles

  • No yearly maximum benefits

  • No exclusions for cosmetic or elective care

  • It’s NOT insurance… It’s better than insurance.

For more information or to join up just click here or use the link