20 Uses For Dental Floss That Don’t Involve Your Teeth


Uses For Dental Floss

Recently I was working on a post idea about things we should stock up on in case of emergencies and the term “dental floss” kept cropping up over and over during my research. The more I learned about this versatile material, the more I realized it really deserved its own post altogether! Considering most of us have at LEAST one container of it rattling around in our bathroom drawers (and hopefully are USING it!) here is a list of ideas to make it serve double-duty!


Uses For Dental Floss

Line Drying Clothing

If you ever need to make a quick clothesline, super-strong floss is a great choice. Just suspend the string between two stationary objects (like a shower head, hook, door knob or curtain rod) and hang your clothes to dry. Tough enough to hold even wet clothes.


Uses For Dental Floss

Fishing Line

Use floss like a fishing line with your fishing rod. Don’t have a rod? Use a dangling earring as hook, or a safety pin to fish. Use the dental floss box to store bait, such as earthworms, you may find.


Uses For Dental Floss

String Popcorn

Dental floss provides a great sturdy medium for stringing popcorn or cranberries, or whatever! Great for making Cheerios necklaces with kids too!

Uses For Dental Floss

Fixing Eyeglasses

Ever lose one of those tiny screws that attach the earpiece to the front of the frame? As a quick fix, thread a piece of dental floss through the holes that the screw goes through. Then knot the floss, and cut off the excess. The floss will allow you to wear your glasses until you can replace the screw.


Uses For Dental Floss

Shoelace Replacement

In the case of a broken lace, you can use floss to fill in until you find a real replacement. Again, it’s super-strong so it’s up to the job.


Uses For Dental Floss

Support For Climbing Plants

Climbing plants innately reach upward, especially during summer. You can provide support to these shrubs by tying them to a wooden dowel using dental floss.


Uses For Dental Floss

Hang Things Around The House

Take advantage of floss’s stretch and strength, and use it to hang up all sorts of things. You can suspend wind chimes, ornaments, pictures, and more.


Uses For Dental Floss

Remove Sticky Photos

Old photos are prone to adhering themselves to the album pages. To remove them without risking damage, simply slide a piece of floss between the picture and the page. It should separate with ease.


Uses For Dental Floss

Remove Cookies From A Tray

Same concept as before. When you don’t want to wait for you cookies to cool, but you’re afraid your still-hot cookies might crumble, you can use the floss trick to separate them from the baking sheets, and then gently slide them onto a serving plate.


Uses For Dental Floss

Cutting Food

Floss can act like a knife to cut fruits and cheeses, divide hard boiled eggs, cut fish from it’s skin, slice cake, and more.

Have you ever made the perfect roll of uncut cinnamon rolls only to squish them in the cutting process? Slide the dental floss around your roll and pull softly to create a perfect slice! This is something I personally do with my homemade cinnamon rolls. CLICK HERE to see my post on “Crafting The Perfect Cinnamon Roll.”


Uses For Dental Floss

Starting A Fire

Waxed floss burns! Wrap waxed floss around a dry stick bark or a bundle of kindling, then light it like a candle.

Uses For Dental Floss

Luggage Tie

You can seal up your luggage, or other personal possessions, by wrapping the zippers tightly with floss. This works in lieu of a zip-tie.


Uses For Dental Floss


Fix a button, patch a hole in a bag, or any other on-the-fly job. This is great for camping, hiking, and other outdoors activities. Floss is much more durable than regular thread, so this can be a great way to reinforce coat buttons or any other buttons that are susceptible to falling off. It’s also great for repairing torn screen doors or the mesh on playpens.


Uses For Dental Floss

Kitchen “Twine”

Some food products like meat and bacon need to be bound when cooked. In the absence of string, unwaxed and unflavored dental floss comes in handy. Tie the food to be cooked with the dental tool and the results will be practically the same. Rest assured, it won’t burn or melt!


Uses For Dental Floss

Quiet A Dripping Faucet

If you find yourself in a hotel room unable to sleep because the tap in the bathroom is dripping loudly, tie a piece of floss to the bottom of the faucet and guide the string down into the drain. Rather than dripping, the water will then slide right along the string and down the drain, noiselessly.


Uses For Dental Floss

Sealant “Tape”

Use dental floss instead of Teflon tape, to block leaky gaps around parts that screw into place. Wind a length around the fitting’s threads half a dozen times before screwing it on.


Uses For Dental Floss

Prevent Rope From Fraying

This is an old Boy Scout’s trick: to “whip” a rope, or prevent it from fraying, tightly loop the floss around the rope.


Uses For Dental Floss

Cleaning Nooks & Crannies

Use floss the same way you would to clean your teeth to easily remove dust and other particles that get stuck in tight places, like between keyboard keys and the cracks found on some furniture pieces. Just tie the ends of the string to your index fingers and floss away at dust, dirt and other tiny particles wedged inside.


Uses For Dental Floss

Filling For Cracked Wood

Cracks weaken your wooden furnishings and make them look unsightly. Put a stop to these things by using dental floss as a filler. Soak the floss in wood glue then slide it in a crack. Continue the process until the crack is filled.


Uses For Dental Floss

Remove Stuck Rings

Wrap waxed dental floss around your finger from the tip down to the ring. The idea here is to reduce the size of your finger without cutting off the circulation. The ring will then slide over the floss so you can easily remove it.


Uses For Dental Floss 24

Now that you know how many more uses there are for dental floss than just flossing…we’re going to have to come up more ways to recycle/repurpose all those little boxes! 🙂


Source: 20 Uses For Dental Floss That Don’t Involve Your Teeth – One Good Thing by Jillee

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